Alejandra Carrasco, M.D.

Alejandra Carrasco, M.D.

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I'm Dr. Alex, a board-certified M.D., specializing in functional and personalized medicine.

My journey into this field began during medical school when I faced a personal health crisis. With functional medicine, I not only regained my health but also gained a new perspective on healing. I decided to dedicate my career to helping others regain their health through the same root cause approach that transformed my health and changed my life.

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Nourish Medicine is an innovative functional and integrative medicine practice that takes a 360-degree view of your whole health.

Dr. Alex knows that no two cases are alike. Therefore, she uses cutting-edge analytical tools combined with holistic therapies to empower you back to optimal health.

Start today by scheduling a telemedicine consultation, or browse our website and read the first three chapters of Dr. Alex's best-selling book, Bloom, to learn more.

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Dr. Alex genuinely cares about my health and well being. She takes time to dig deeper than the surface issues, even when they may not pertain to the original purpose of the appointment. I leave her office feeling like I have a true advocate and bright physician in my corner, rooting for me and my overall health.” - Roxanne T.

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